ND: Second City Protest Update

Article reproduced with permission from The London Herald:

Second City Protests

No violence, but no end in sight

18th February, 2045
Mothra Pollitt, Great East Tower

The fourth protest against Crystal Air’s Exclusion Zone plans passed peacefully today, despite warnings from the London Mayor and Commissioner Glenn Foster.

Contrary to Daily Chron claims, we can report that every demonstrator accessed Ex. 1 in a lawful manner. Many of their Oxygen Passes were paid for via charitable donations raised by last month’s Act for Air concert. Without these donations, the exorbitant Pass fee would have priced most of the people present out of the protest.

Although violence was expected, and the police presence was high, the demonstration passed without incident.

The Herald was in attendance for much of the afternoon. Although the mood was cheerful, many participants expressed little optimism that state-subsidised Crystal Air would reverse their decision to raise tariffs to the newest Exclusion Zone in Liverpool Street. One protester hinted that the march was only the first stage of a longer protest strategy, but would not reveal any details.

Whilst so many are denied their right to affordable clean air, it is inevitable that the clashes between Crystal Air Corp. and Second City citizens will continue. Many of the city’s residents are hoping that Stafford’s government intervenes quickly, before desperation causes these clashes to escalate into something far less amiable.

Neither Health Secretary Arun Chandresakan nor Crystal Air were available for comment.